Frey Faust – axis syllabus workshop – part 1

Frey Faust 3

Consent Workshop Day 1: Internal agreement within articular regions

The Axis Syllabus (AS)
The Axis Syllabus, a human movement lexicon” is an integrated overview of the latest science on human biomechanics, as they apply to BOTH everyday and high performance movement. The AS provides essential information to help each person prevent injury, diagnose and craft individualized healing protocols that can reduce or eliminate chronic pain and therefore raise the quality of life. In this session, Frey Faust, the originator of the AS, will share essential practical and corresponding anatomical knowledge, with the intent to help the student towards self-reliant awareness.

“Informed consent is the only kind”
online workshop: June 3-5th
In this workshop on consent, we will look at postures and movements that are based on agreement between: bone and bone, bone and muscle, bone and organ.

*The curriculum for the following days will be an outgrowth of the first day process.

  • Leading workshop:
    • Frey Faust